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How To Get Data from ORCA's Website

First (we're not counting this as a step), you will need to go to ORCA's Website. We know, right?

1. Once at the website, click on the "Login" link. We've surrounded it with Magic Fairy Sparkles in this screenshot.

2. Then you'll need to log in (again, highlighted with Magic Fairy Sparkles) or register a new account, which we're sure you can figure out on your own.

3. After logging in, you will be given the opportunity to select which card you would like to view. (We don't know if this differs for accounts with only one card.)

4. This will take you to the card summary screen where you'll want to click on "Transaction History".

5. Here you may select the dates you would like to view (defaults to latest month). The site has already loaded the first page and you just need to scroll down to view it.

6. We like to enter our data with the oldest first, so we click on the "Date / Time" column to reverse the default of newest first. Please take note, at the top of the table, of the controls for switching between pages of the data.

7. The last thing you need to do at ORCA's Website is highlight the everything in the table, all 30 rows (except the header) and copy it (hold the "Ctrl" and "c" keys on your keyboard at the same time).

8. Back at Hats Rack, you need to get to the ORCA Data Input Box. Paste the data you just copied from ORCA's Website into the giant box (first verfying you haven't previously entered this data) and click "Submit Query".

You may then repeat steps 7 (advancing one page) and 8 until you are finished.

All screenshots from the ORCA Card Website were taken on 16 October 2012 and may not reflect their current layout.